April 05, 2019






I have been obsessed with horror since the second I was made aware of its existence.  As a kid, the Halloween episodes of network television shows were always exciting.  At that age, before you really get to watch the good stuff but you know you have a taste for the macabre.  I have vivid early memories of the Halloween episode of the Fall Guy which guest starred Elvira and THE VORVON EPISODE OF BUCK ROGERS WHICH WAS ABOUT A SPACE VAMPIRE THAT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME, both of which wet my young appetite for horror.




The next logical step in my getting to know the horror genre was the Universal Monsters classics.  One night my parents were watching Creature from the Black Lagoon and I had to see it!  I remember sneaking out of my room and perching myself in the hallway where my parents could not see me, or so I believed, the truth came out later that they actually just got tired of putting me back to bed and let me think I was getting away with it.  I was in kindergarten and I was terrified as I watched it but also very aware that this was my thing and that I loved a good scare! 




Horror has played a huge part in my life to the point of bordering on obsession.  So this brings us to our newest entry in the Holy Mountain Toy Box with the addition of these fantastic 1979 Remco monsters!  Here we have Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy, sadly they did make a Creature from the Black Lagoon figure but I do not have it so he will be omitted from this post.   First of all, let's get it out of the way that these guys are glow in the fucking dark!  



Their hands and heads glow in the dark and I mean glow like crazy, this gruesome trio cut an imposing figure in the dark.  The outfits on these guys are top notch, the face paint is subtle and very effective and the pose-ability is off the charts.  Like I stated at the beginning of this entry they also did a Creature from the Black Lagoon figure as well as a Wolf Man figure both of which are astoundingly cool as well.  These figures are not too hard to find out there and can be got for a pretty reasonable price if you keep your eyes peeled.  Remco absolutely knocked this line out of the park so if you find them make sure to grab them!