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DEATHBLAZERS is HERE -- and ready to send you straight to HELL!

Deathblazers is the first comic book series from Holy Mountain Printing and is the epic tale of our undead templar knight, Francesco Ossorio* —  or as the Spider Maggots call him —Frank. 


Oh, fuck yes. Frank’s strange, dark, insane adventure takes him across the otherworldly six rings of Realm Infernais, and along the way, he’ll encounter amazing allies and fiendish foes alike. 

On his side, he’ll find good company with Illex the Glaivecaster, a warrior sorceress with vengeance on her mind, and the power to channel dark magic through spell-forged weapons, including her, patented Bladeblaster pistols. As well as Beetal the Craftsmith, a six-armed alien with the power to build and control equipment from beyond the grave.

But the evil that lives within Realm Infernais is obscenely powerful and as old as time itself. The King of Locusts and ruler of the realm, Abbadon, wants Frank as his undead servant, and he’s enlisted the help of the hellish techo-demonic wizard, Cylord, to see it to fruition.

And that’s just the tip of the hellstone. Before we even had a title for the series, our mission statement going into this book was “What if your favorite metal album cover had sex with your favorite psychedelic album cover and then H.R. Giger made it into a satanic Saturday morning cartoon?” 

And the result is DEATHBLAZERS. 

If you love old-school cinematic fantasy mixed with sexual super-science and black metal madness, then we have the book for you.

Issue one is available for preorder right now, and we’re hard at work on issue two, even as we speak. So, if you dig this type of literary evil, grab a copy (or six), and then please help us spread the heinous word of Realm Infernais.

Thank you for your support, this book means the world to us, and Danny, Brockton, Jonathon, Olivia, Joel, and Taylor absolutely cannot wait to show you our darkest of plans.  

See you in Hell!

- Team ‘Blazers

*Freaky Fact: Frank’s last name is an homage to legendary “Blind Dead” director Amando de Ossorio! 

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