All music performed by Rob Lovell and recorded by James Whitten at Fountainbleu Studios. Vocals performed by Aaron Edge and recorded by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio. "Four" was mixed and mastered by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio/Skyway Audio, September of 2014. Wolf in sheep's clothing illustration by Metal Jeff.

Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl.

Check out the songs here: https://minorfret.bandcamp.com

“Minor Fret is one of the most creative musical ventures I have heard years. EVERYONE hears the tired cliche of someone saying 'Dude you know what would be amazing? We should do a band that is (_______)' and then we hear inserted some ridiculous joke idea or bizarre concept. What makes that cliche painful is that there is no action behind the talk. No plan to actualize their genius. So when people tell me they are starting a joke band or project I just want to punch them out of boredom. Minor Fret breaks new ground. Ridiculous in concept, but incredible in execution, Minor Fret takes four Minor Threat classics and redoes them as sludge metal songs. Whoever thought of this is an idiot with a stroke of genius. Those who followed it through and actually played it rather than just talking about it are geniuses who started with a crazy idea and made it amazing. Full LP please."
— Greg Bennick (Juggler)

"The sonic equivalent of being disemboweled by a rusty shard of the thing you once most loved, and I mean that in the best way."
— Dave Larson (Excursion Records)

"If Minor Threat was from NOLA and raised on a steady diet of grits, sweet tea and humidity, you'd have Minor Fret. Never has Minor Threat sounded so good!" — Chuck Chastain

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