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As their avid fans might have already known, Japanese band Boris named themselves after a Melvins song called “Boris”, which is on the American sludge rock originators’ 1991 album “Bullhead”. After all these 28 years, the Japanese heavy rock trio are going back to where they started and releasing a cover of this song as a record. This isn’t the first time they play it; the song itself was played live many times during the LφVE & EVφL world tour in 2019 - 2020. However, this coming 12-inch vinyl is the first studio recording. It was first intended to be exclusively sold at their shows during the North American tour which was due to start in July 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic forced the tour to be postponed, and thus, the record’s release plan got suspended. The pandemic created uncertainty for everyone. Boris say they are more than grateful that so many people, most of whom have been hardly relaxed about anything themselves, continue to support the band. That’s why they decided to revive the suspended plan of the Boris cover release as something special to show their gratitude to their fans who have been firmly with them in this difficult time. The record comes out as an etched vinyl disc, with the song on one side and exclusive art of a charming cat on the other. The art is done by Mami Saitou, who you’ve probably known for the highly impressive sleeve art of “LφVE & EVφL” (2019). While the record is completely done by Boris on their own, it is cut and pressed by Third Man Records, with whom the band have put out three albums: “LφVE & EVφL”, “boris at last -feedbacker-” (reissue) and “Akuma no Uta” (reissue). In short, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Of the limited pressing of 900 copies, 800 are on purple vinyl and will be available through Holy Mountain Printing, while 100 copies are on red vinyl and will be exclusively available to the Boris fan club members. You’ll never want to miss out on it. 

[Side 1]

01. Boris (a Melvins’ song cover) 

*An etching is on Side 2.


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