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Holy Mountain Toy Vault: MATCHBOX VEHICLE VOLTRON DAIRUGGER + Soul Of Chogokin News

Holy Mountain Toy Vault: MATCHBOX VEHICLE VOLTRON DAIRUGGER + Soul Of Chogokin News


From the Holy Mountain Vault of Giant Robots, Monstrous Kaiju, Transforming Planes, Kids fighting wars in large robots comes one of the best 15 pieces of die-cast metal and plastic you could ever own...


We took some detailed photographs of this amazing piece of Japanese engineering to share with you all as well as a little history in this exact figure. Also this weekend the Soul Of Chogokin DAIRUGGER was announced. We have some photos and video from the convention to show you all a sneak peek into the new release. 

When I was a little kid I was obsessed with Voltron, the cartoon was up there with Robotech in pivotal shows that paved the way for my obsession with large Robots.  Like every kid, that year all I wanted for Christmas was the fucking lions!  Christmas morning I started unwrapping this massive box and as the paper tore I saw the logo of the mighty Voltron start to peek out.  I was as excited as a kid could be until the paper tore further and I saw Voltron 1 staring at me.  I was old enough to fake it and maintain the look of excitement for my parent's sake but inside I was so bummed.  This was NOT the fucking lions!  Later that day as I got him out of the box I realized that Voltron 1 was actually really awesome, extremely well constructed and he quickly became my favorite toy that year. 


Fast forward to being an adult and finally getting my hands on my very own original lions set and being able to judge them side by side.   I have to say that the lions pale in comparison.  The carton was and is incredible but they are simply not as well constructed, they feel rickety in comparison.  Dairugger, or Voltron 1, was built to take a beating (which he certainly did) and the Lions feel like a stiff breeze might blow them apart.  If you have them both, get them out and tell me you do not agree.  The lions do not click together as parts as well and they do not stand as sturdy on their own. 

Also, I think Dairugger's face is one of the most iconic of all the robot faces and the lion's toy did not translate as well from the screen to figure and almost has a goofy look about him.  I know for most people it is the lions that will always be king but for me, Dairugger is the mightiest of the Voltron toys



This year at the TOY FAIR 2019. We several new releases. Everything from Gundam to Power Rangers. One of the more exciting announcements that caught our eye online was at the Tamashii Nations booth. They had all 15 pieces laid out for the vehicle Voltron with a display board showing a blueprint stating "SOUL OF CHOGOKIN NEW PROJECT" with DAIRUGGER showing in the image. 

If you are not familiar with what Soul Of Chogokin or Soul of Super-alloy is, it's a figure line based on mecha animes from the 70s and 80s. Mecha from Super Sentai, Neon Genesis Evangelion and of course Voltron! This is a high-end line from Tamashii Nations with most figures in the $200/$300 range. That price tag, of course, comes with the quality to back it up. We can't wait to see the final release of the SoC Dairugger. Here are some more photos from the show and a video from ULTRAZILLA TOYS. Make sure to check out his channel. 



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