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BORIS "Reincarnation Rose" VINYL RECORD

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Splatter Limited Color Variant

Boris / Reincarnation Rose Boris released their "Extreme Healing Album" "NO" into an obstructed world in July 2020. After that release, without going into deep hiding or stopping their momentum at all, they've moved forward on numerous projects and completed a new release. This release is the 12" single "Reincarnation Rose" which showcases a special recording lineup focusing on Wata's guitar and vocals, along with "suGar yoshinaga" of Buffalo daughter and Tokie, a representative of Japanese bass players. In stark contrast to the title track, the B-side "You Will Know ("Oyasumi" Full Version)" is filled with a chilled out ambience. Although it is a single, the song clocks in at a lengthy near-20 minutes, and together these songs promise a lot for the next album. A must-see music video for "Reincarnation Rose" will be released alongside the single. Incidentally, Wata's intense guitar sound that can be heard on "Reincarnation Rose" is a product of her signature fuzz pedal, "Hizumitas", which is a joint development with the American pedal brand, EarthQuaker Devices, in progress since 2019. This pedal will go on sale at the same time as this 12" single. This is a must-have item of course for Boris fans as well as for guitar enthusiasts. Boris “Reincarnation Rose” 12 inch 01. Reincarnation Rose 4:20 02. 知 -You Will Know- ("Oyasumi" Full Version)19:38 Wata: Vocals, Guitar & Echo Takeshi: Vocals & Guitar Atsuo: Vocals, Drums & Percussion Additional Musicians TOKIE: Bass suGar Yoshinaga: Guitar on Track 01

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