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Death By Toys "Coven" Figure

Death By Toys "Coven" Figure
Written By: Danny 

Somewhere in my mid 20's, I saw Chris Smith's documentary American Movie, chronicling Mark Borchardt's unrelenting drive to make his film Coven (not pronounced like oven but co-ven) a reality.

I could relate to all the setbacks and struggles Mark encountered in my own endeavors to take what little I had and turn it into something real, fulfilling my own dreams. Mark's perseverance to see his vision through is something to be in awe of and I think less thoughtful people saw his struggle as humorous. What I saw was motivating and inspiring. This film is for anyone who has struggled against the odds, limited finances, naysayers and their own sometimes destructive nature to see a task through.

This figure from Death By Toys is one of the things I hopped on fastest upon realizing it was available. A beautiful little figure, housed in pitch-perfect packaging and signed by the man, Mark Borchard himself. Truly one of my favorite figures of all time!


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