February 27, 2019




Holy Mountain Toy Vault
By: Daniel T
Photos: Joel S


      Shortly after I got married and started Holy Mountain Printing I had a son. We already had a daughter so this made four of us I was now financially responsible for.  Freshly married, new business and a pile of "you just had a kid" hospital bills meant I was beyond broke. When I say broke I mean selling my records and CDs to buy groceries and working round the clock, dead ass broke. There was no room in the budget for fun stuff like toys. Fast forward a few years and my wife and I made some decisions and cuts in the way my business worked as well as our personal lives that got us steadied financially and to a point where every day was not a struggle to make ends meet. We were on a family trip to NYC that was actually a business trip we had extended into a little family getaway when we stopped by the mighty Toy Tokyo. (https://www.toytokyo.com/)

 Usually, I went to Toy Tokyo, looked in the cases, fantasized and left empty handed but on this particular trip, my wife urged me to pick something as she felt I had earned it and we could now afford it. I labored over the decision and made the employees open the cases to show me this figure and that but ultimately there was only one calling my name. 



Everyone I looked at, which were all incredible still had me drifting back to this one particular figure, the Gigabrain Hedorah figure you see here.  We were on the last day of our trip to NYC and were all toting everything we had in backpacks until our flight which meant I had to carry this guy (and he is big) through the city for the rest of the day. 


I was scared he would bang into something so I literally walked through the city cradling him as if he were my baby.  This Gigabrain Hedorah figure became the first in my collection and to me is still the coolest looking and most important piece I own. 

The details and colors on this guy are so incredible and his eyes are fucking mesmerizing.  Also a little known fact, Godzilla VS The Smog Monster is the greatest Godzilla film and Hedorah is hands down the coolest Godzilla villain, no doubt!